Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

So what is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? It's a process that makes an organisations website appear on the first page of unpaid search engine listings. The listings that appear at the top and along the right hand side (e.g. On Google) are sponsored or paid listings. They have their place in internet marketing however a high ranking natural listing for particular keywords built into your site is considered a better option for obtaining results. SEO is very important because if your site is not attracting enough visitors it will not be generating new business leads and the majority of visitors will visit your site via a search engine.

Get Noticed On the Search Engines

We build our sites to web standards that help search engines browse and assess the content. The site can be arranged so as to achieve the highest ranking to bring in more enquiries.

Search engine rankings depend on so many factors:

- Meta tags
- Keyword weight
- Links to and from other sites
- Age of the site
- Content relevance
- Competing websites and their structure

SEO is more of an art than a science. The only guarantee that can be given is that your web pages will be structured in such a way that they HAVE THE BEST POSSIBLE CHANCE of out performing the competition, and therefore obtain a higher search engine ranking.

How Does SOE (Search Engine Optimisation) Work

There are two factors that apply and they are presence and relevance.

Presence is determined by:

- Size of your site i.e. number of pages and content
- The number of links to your site
- How often the site content is updated e.g. latest news, offers etc

Relevance is improved by:

- Use keywords that would be most likely used by your customers
- Apply these keywords throughout the site content
- Links to your pages (both internal and external)
- Coding of site pages

Ways of Improving Presence

The following can improve on Presence:

1. Provide submission to the major search engines and free web directories
2. New site map or improvements to the menu structure to allow search engines to find all the relevant pages on your site
3. Topical content which could be a database of news or the latest tips relevant to your business
4. Reprogramming your current site to make it run faster and more accessible to all pages by search engines. This is a more economical way of improving rather than rebuilding as we can reuse the structure and branding designs

Can You Pay to Improve Ranking

SEO is not just a case of submitting your website to search engines each week. With most search engines it can take up to six months for the changed web pages to propagate through all the search engines and for your rankings to improve significantly. Furthermore, they can continue to improve even if no further optimisation work is done to the actual pages. Therefore, paying out large sums month after month after the initial work has been carried out may not be beneficial.

Ways of Improving Relevance

The following can improve on Relevance:

Step 1 - Identify suitable keywords that apply to your business activity

Selecting suitable keywords is an important step. We use tools that tell us what users are typing into search engines to find what they are looking for. There is no point in having keywords if no one is typing these words into search engines. When the keywords have been identified that are relevant to your business we then build the website around these keywords.

Step 2 – Web page optimisation

We incorporate the keywords into each of the pages in the web site. They are placed in key areas of the web page such as the Heading Tags, Title Tags, Meta Description Tags and Meta Keyword Tags. This process will tell a search engine what the web page is about and help to reinforce your position in the search engines

Step 3 – Optimisation by using links

Telling a search engine what your page is about with possibly millions of competing web pages may not be enough to obtain a high ranking. Popularity of the page is very important to a search engine. The popularity is determined by the number of links to your site from other web sites therefore the more links you have the better as far as search engines is concerned.

We can carry out the above services on your behalf.

Free Search Engine Review

We offer a free SEO appraisal of your current website and make recommendations to improve its presence and relevance.

During our investigation we can determine:

- Search engine presence against competitors
- The performance of your keywords
- Your Google presence
- Analysis of any current information you have, e.g. web statistics from Google
- Website code analysis and how it reacts with search engines
- How to improve on search engine ranking

Website Visitors

We can perform research to establish the most popular and relevant keywords for your business. Before we optimize your website, it would be useful to know what your customers are looking for. Chosen keywords should be relevant to your business and used by a significant number of people on search engines attracting more visitors to your site, leading to more sales.

NOTE: Search engine rankings cannot be guaranteed as they are constantly changing as a result of the behaviour of competitor’s websites and changes in Search Engines' ranking algorithms. Google provide a good illustration of ranking because of its leading position therefore a high ranking with Google can often mean success in other search engines.

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