Network Design

Proper hardware selection and implementation is crucial when creating any new infrastructure for your business. We work closely with you to select and install everything your organisation will need and help you to understand where any expenditure is to be allocated.

Network Installations

We can undertake to create a fast and reliable network with a focus on security and data protection from your existing equipment. All of which will offer increased productivity through resource and data sharing across all your departments.

Network Audits

Prevention as healthcare professionals will tell you is better than the cure. We adopt the same principles with regard to your infrastructure. Our network audits will expose many issues before they arise as threats. Our audits will help to increase stability, security and improve overall performance.

Wireless and Hard Wired Networks

As network specialists we can offer your business both wireless and cabled provisions keeping your options for office layout flexible.

Our wireless technology can use the highest available encryption protocols and bandwidth speeds. We recommend a regular audit of staff and equipment with authorisation to use these services.

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