IT General Services

Small Business Server Installations

Similarly to our network installation offerings we can provide further services through centralisation of all your files and resources in the form of a dedicated server to manage printing, email, data and permissions which in practice will add security and redundancy for your audit trails and peace of mind.

Remote Access Installations

Should your business operate over multiple locations or have staff working from home, we can update and install additional software remotely to keep you moving forward without the need for unnecessary downtime.

Equipment Advice and Supply

We undertake to work with you to independently source any equipment you need at competitive prices and ensure purchases integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.


We understand the threats that all businesses face when storing sensitive company data or privileged client information and the requirements to ensure all reasonable precautions have been taken to insulate such files from interception.

Data Backup Facilities

As anyone with even a modest amount of data stored in their computer is aware such information can easily be lost through fire, theft, equipment failure or accidental deletion. We ensure all our customers have been offered a complete backup solution comprising of both onsite and offsite service provisions with a view to encourage best practice across your organisation.

Email Facility Setup

MSI-IT can offer your organisation domain registration, hosting and professional email services with such features as:

- Spam filtering
- Virus filtering
- Webmail access
- Auto responders
- Mail forwarding
- SMTP services all included

Disaster Recovery

Should the worse case scenario come to pass we can be with you promptly to recover data, replace parts, liaise with third part providers and supply on-loan equipment to help your business through unexpected events.

Anti-Spam Solutions

The single biggest complaint most email users have in recent times has been the substantial increase in junk mail or spam. Our professional email services have built-in filters to reduce how much unwanted correspondence you will receive.

Antivirus Solutions

The most fundamental purchase for any business should be a reliable and secure anti-virus solution. We can offer tailored packages for all types of business to keep the interference from malicious software to a minimum.

Equipment Repairs

All equipment will sooner or later require some form or repair or upgrade. We cater for replacement parts and upgrades covering all major manufacturers.

Project Management

When your organisation makes the steps to move forward with the development of a new or delicate project MSI-IT can provide you with a project manager to conduct process mapping, software development and equipment sourcing with training and maintenance all integrated allowing you to focus on your service delivery.

ISP Services

All modern businesses rely on the quality of their internet services to handle much of their communications. We help our customers to find the best provider to supply the correct type of internet access with a focus on customer service, reliability with minimal ongoing costs.

Online Backup

As part of a consolidated back-up policy many organisations benefit from off-site storage of mission critical data. MSI-IT has solutions to keep your sensitive information safe from localised failures allowing you access from any location with a live internet connection.

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