CCTV Installations

The fight against crime these days relies heavily on closed circuit television (CCTV) systems installed in your home or business. Not only can these systems record incidents it can act as a deterrent. During the day the physical present of cameras externally is a reminder to any potential intruder their activity is being recorded 24/7. Even at night cameras are visible as they emit a small ring of intra red lights capturing images digitally in high definition. Should an incident occur the police can often use the CCTV recorded images as evidence to convict offenders.

All images captured are recorded on Digital Video Recorders in High Definition for up to 1 month.

Your CCTV system in your home or business can even be monitored remotely form anywhere via a smart phone of tablet. A great way to keep an eye on your property.

We offer the following closed circuit television services:-

·   CCTV equipment supply

·   CCTV installations

·   CCTV for your home

·   CCTV for your business

·   IP (Internet Protocol) installations

·   Remote CCTV monitoring via multiple devices including smart phones and tablets

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